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Disposable Wipes Are More Efficient Than You Think

Disposable wipes like our ToolBox Wipes are absorbent, making it quick to clean a piece of equipment and can reduce machine stoppages. These are Checkers recommended alternative to laundered shop rags for the following reasons:

  • Less expensive
  • Offer the same consistency EVERY TIME
  • Works like cloth and is a low lint wiper
  • Perfect for medium-duty wet or dry wiping applications
  • Interfold wipers are perfect for jobs that require larger towels
  • Interfold dispenser box can dispense from either the top or bottom
  • Portable dispensing box allows you to grab 1 sheet at a time
  • Made with 25% recycled cellulose fibers
  • No need for laundry services
  • Since using a new wipe for each project, these will not retain lead, a toxic heavy metal, which can cause serious health issues to the worker like elevated blood lead levels and hypertension, like laundered shop rags can
  • Rags often contain pins, buttons and metal shavings which can lead to scratches and other imperfections on surfaces - disposable wipers DO NOT have this problem

Buying Options

    • Individual Boxes(126 Sheets per Box)
    • Cases of 8 Boxes
    • Subscription Programs
    • Included in our Pre-Packaged Supply Kits

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