Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be habits, standards and legislation put in place to guarantee that infection-spread is minimized and our people's health is maximized.


At Sanitation Station we have formulated a 3 phase approach to getting workplaces ready to open their doors...

1. Disinfect & Clean
Disinfect all touch points manually with disinfectant sprays & wipes. This includes things like door handles, desktops and light switches.

2. Fog-Sanitize
Fog-sanitize the entire workplace area – ceilings, carpets, walls and all surfaces – places that are not cleaned on a normal basis. Fogging with disinfectant gets in all nooks, cranny's and dark spots. 

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3. Setup Supply Kits
Finally, we have a monthly supply kit of wipes, disinfectants & sanitation products customized for the needs of your workplace sent out on a recurring basis to ensure you have access to the supplies you need as situations arise.

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