Auto Dealerships by Checkers

Checkers provides a full line-up of products for auto dealerships - from the wash bay to the sales floor. We deliver consistency, insight, service and quality solutions every time. Select a category below for general product listings:

Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers

General Office Supplies

General Cleaning Supplies

General Sanitation / COVID Supplies

Vehicle Prep / Sanitation Supplies

Interior & Exterior Wipes

Shop Towels & Rags

Compounds & Polishes

Carpet & Upholstery Care

Rubber & Vinyl Dressings

Vehicle Wash & Specialty Soaps

Fallout Removers

Rim Cleaners

Glass Cleaners

Paint Protectants

Waxes & Finishes

Aerosols & Dyes

Odor Control & Air Fresheners

Shop Maintenance & Floor Cleaners

Looking for something not covered in these categories? Chances are, we have it. Let us know here.