The dispenser unit that doesn't stop working.

Manufactured in North America from high-quality steel, it's everything you need in a dispenser unit for throughout your facility.
No more dead batteries, no more manufacturer-only refills, no more cheaply built imports.

the all-new a7012 dispenser system

Larger Capacity, Fewer Refills

With a full gallon jug, you get an average of 760 hand treatments, more than 3 x the that of leading brand cartridge refills.

Dispenses gritty hand soap to hand sanitizer... or anything else!

Use this dispenser stand for any purpose you like - it just works! From heavy-duty gritty hand soap, to smooth lotion soap or degreaser - it pumps easy.

Easy to Assemble

With only 3 x key bolt points, this stand comes together fast and easy. 
Want instructions?
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pumps per gallon


more sanitizer per refill


per gallon savings


time it takes to assemble

Universal 1-Gallon Jug Refills

You aren't locked in to our refills - any 1-gallon jug works for this unit. This is a major cost savings when compared with leading name brand cartridge refills.

Easy to Secure - Indoors or Out

Pre-drilled bolt holes in the base of the stand allow you to secure directly to the ground where needed.

2-Year Warranty

You know your product is quality when we stand behind it with a 2-year warranty. 
Satisfaction guaranteed.
The stations worked perfectly for voting station sanitation at our local elections earlier this year. We also use them in our outdoor dining area in Battle Alley!

Karen, Clerk

Village of Holly

Personalization & Branding

For quantity orders, branding is complimentary.
Spread your logo, messaging and colors throughout your facility!

frequently asked questions

Is the stand included as part of this unit?
Yes. This dispenser unit includes that stand (base, pole and mounting plate) and the dispenser itself.
For sanitizer jugs or refills - you can order those here.
How many pumps do you get in a gallon jug?
For a gallon jug, you get an average of 760 hand treatments at about .17 (5mil) per pump. That is 3 x the amount you get from name brand dispenser cartridges.
Can this dispenser mount on the wall?
Technically, yes. However, we recommend our touchless unit for wall mounting, which you can view here.
Do I have to buy your refills for this unit?
No. This dispenser will take any gallon jug.
If I buy a large quantity, is there a discount?
Yes, there are standard quantity price breaks at 20, 50 and 100+.
Contact us for specific pricing on specific quantities.
I want a touchless or automatic dispenser. Do you have any options for that?
Yes. Shop all the dispenser units here.

THE ALL-NEW A7012 is the trusted sanitation station for:

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